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My First Uber Experience

Do you have important meeting with customers? or Would you like to impress important clients? Consider to use "Uber" black car service.


Uber is On-demand car service that allows everyone to have private driver experience through Windows Phone, Android, iPhone, SMS and Web based requests.


The service is exceptionally easy to use, Just sign-up, download an "Uber" app to your mobile phone, and set your pick-up location then, request a pick-up.

Once you set your pick up location, you can see available drivers in your area and approximate time until pickup. When you request a pickup, you are provided your driver’s name and ratings from other users.



Since drivers and passengers can see one another’s Uber profiles, drivers greet passengers by name. The entire transaction is processed through your account (including tip), there is no exchange of cash.





Their site state’s that they are selective as to which partners they work with and ensure that they have proper licensing (didn’t see anything on insurance). Further, when a driver’s user-rating dips beneath a certain level, Uber won’t do business with them.

They guarantee seating for up to four people and they don’t charge per person so whether you ride alone, or with three others, it will be the same price.

In Adelaide, Australia. for the rides that I have taken with them, the price worked out to be just under twice what it would have cost for a cab.

It’s worth noting that there is a $10 cancellation fee if a rider cancels more than 5 minutes after their driver is assigned. If a driver takes too long to arrive (5 minutes over the estimated time of arrival for that driver) then the cancellation charge is waived.

I’ve had two Uber rides. All two of my drivers were very professional, courteous and friendly. Their cars were all very well-kept. All of the drivers arrived earlier than the estimated time. It’s certainly a much more enjoyable experience than your average Adelaide cab ride. Another advantage is that when you request a "Uber", car usually arrives under 15 minutes! :)


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iPhone App Dev :: Working with Xcode and Interface Builder

iPhone Application Development

Working with Xcode and Interface Builder

Design Patterns - MVC

  • The Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern assigns objects in an application one of three roles : model, view or controller
  • Model objects represent data such as SpaceShips and Weapons in a game, Contacts in a Address Book application.
  • View objects know how to display data (model objects) and may allow the user to edit the data. Example : A text field to capture information from the user.
  • Controller objects mediate between models and views

Cocoa Version of MVC

Introduction to Objective-C

  • Objective-C is a superset of the ANSI version of the C programming language and supports the same basic syntax as C.
  • As with C code, you define header files and source files to separate public declarations from the implementation details of your code.

File extensions for Objective-C code

 File Extension

File Type 



Header files 

Header files contain class, type, function, and constant declarations. 


Source files 

 This is the typical extension used for source files and can contain Objective-C code.

A class declaration - Header

@interface HelloUserViewController : UIViewController




A class declaration - Implementation

@implementation HelloUserViewController

-(void) sayhello: (id) sender {

//Code goes here




  • The NSString class declares the programmatic interface for an object that manages immutable strings.
  • NSString is implemented to represent an array of unicode charters.
  • Example : NSString *myString = @"My String \n";

Strings - Formatting Basics

  • NSString supports the format characters defined for the ANSI C function printf()
  • Example : NSString *string1 - [NSString stringWithFormat:@"A string: %@, a float: %1.2f", @"string", 31415.9265];
  • Output : "A string: string, a float : 31415.93" 

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2015.01.22 14:46

Overview for Microsoft Windows 10 January Event

Happy New Year for Everyone!
Microsoft Announced Windows 10 as Service Today, at 9:00 AM (in PST)
Windows 10 is the first step to an era of more personal computing.

Today Microsoft shared their desire to redefine the relationship Microsoft have with Windows users. Interestingly, Microsoft announced that a free upgrade for Windows 10 will be made available to customers running Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1 who upgrade in the first year after launch.*

This is more than a one-time upgrade : According to Microsoft, once a Windows device is upgraded to Windows 10,  They will continue to keep it current for the supported lifetime of the device – at no cost. With Windows 10, the experience will evolve and get even better over time.

So, I would like to summarise a story that announced by Microsoft today and share it with you :

In the beginning of the event, Microsoft appreciated to Windows Insiders to test and giving them the feedback.
There were approximately 1.7 Million users have been applied through Insider program and installed their technical preview version of the Windows 10. (Of course one of them is me! Yay!) Windows Insiders reported 800K Pieces of Feedback. This means that a lot of users showed their interest in Windows 10 and this is a fantastic news to Microsoft!

With a game console streaming feature on the XBOX ONE, now you are able to play XBOX Games on PC as well.

Surface Hub Announced for Business Consumers. "Surface Hub" device has 84-Inches with touch-screen, 4K High resolution screen + capacitive pen writing feature.

3D-Hologram glasses called "Microsoft HoloLens" . Virtual Reality hardware that delivers new ideas and helps designing creative products. I attached YouTube video that demonstate abour "Microsoft HoloLens" below to help your understanding : 

Indeed, there were new Windows 10 announcements for Windows Phone as well!

Joe Belfiore (the Corporate Vice President, Operating Systems Group at Microsoft), Introduced new Office suite for Windows Phones : Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Outlook and those are All Universal Apps, as Windows 10 Store App. In Word, PowerPoint and Excel, now support ribbon menu : font editing and much more advanced editing features has now been added compared with old version.  

In the Powerpoint app, now supports hardware based graphics acceleration. (This means that every animation and formatting created on desktop or laptop will be compatible in Windows Phone Powerpoint app.)

Calendar is now packaged with an Outlook. (Not a standalone app anymore!) Also, In Outlook app, now combined with Word formatting engine, As a result of this, users may write a mail with rich text formatting. 

Default photos app, and music app are now universal apps. But, I personally really like the "Panorama Style" on the Windows Phone, Unfortunately they removed all panorama user interface as it now works Universal App. Sadly one unique UX design for Windows Phone is now gone! :(

I explained briefly today, but can't wait until the Windows 10 RTM Releases.
Thank you! :)

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